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August 28th, 2005
08:56 am


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We won our game last night 19-7. It was awesome! Mary is so trying to get me and Brantley together and I so do not want her to. He's nice but he's just not my type. Now if she was trying to get me and Logan Kennedy together I would be like heck yes Mary go for it. And she freaking gave Brantley my cell # last night. And he was like you're in my Spanish class aren't you and I was like yeah. And I was like you sit by Josh Scherbarth in geometry don't you and he was like yeah and you sit by Leia. I was thinking this is freaky. Because the only reason I know where he sits in geometry is because it's by Josh and I mean of course I'm staring at Josh. It's much more interesting than graphing paper. And Drew found out I like Logan. And when I was talking to Logan last night, Drew would look at me and try to make me laugh. My friend Justin made a touchdown last night. I was proud for him. Josh caught an interception. Steven is nice even if he does have woman hair lol. I mean that boy is in major need of a haircut. Logan's shirt looked like somebody marked on it w/ a highlighter last night but he told me it was because when his mom washed it there was a piece of green paper in his sister's pants and it faded on it. And some guy like tried to teach me some handshake but I didn't get it. We had the home side of John Carrol's stadium almost full. There like 700 people there for our team. It's awesome.

Love ya,

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