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Just another week... - ~*MY BORING LIFE*~
September 1st, 2005
06:57 pm


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Just another week...
So far this week has been just another week. Nothing too special. I still like Logan. I hope he likes me. I need to get my sources to find out for me. I want to go to the football game Monday in Cordova but I don't have a ride. That means I want someone to take me there. But yeah I think it would be awesome to cheer on our football team although way out in the middle of nowhere. I have a geometry test tomorrow and it's gonna be a beast. But yeah I'll be happy w/ a B. He gave us a freaking map quiz today in history and we haven't even done any maps. That man is flipping retarded. I got to talk to Josh this morning...about Spanish homework. Woohoo. There's the perfect basis for a relationship. So that's my life. We still don't have a lunch lady so we had chick-fil-a today. It was very good. We're not sure what's on the menu for tomorrow. I hope it's like Arby's or something because we already had pizza this week and Monday we had "pasta special" which turned out not to be near as scary as it sounded. Today Justin told me they played eye of the tiger in band 237 times today and I believed him. I felt stupid. But yeah...

Love ya,

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