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wow i haven't updated in forever... - ~*MY BORING LIFE*~
October 1st, 2005
10:28 am


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wow i haven't updated in forever...
My grandparents got new hardwood floors put in their house so they had to spend the night w/ us last night and since we don't have a guest room, they slept in my room. But our couch is comfortable so I don't really care. We play John Carrol in football Monday night. And being they polite people that we are, we are having a tailgate party in their parking lot. It's like yeah we're playing you at your field so excuse us while 500 people pig out in your parking lot. I still like the same person, but I won't talk to him so it's pointless. But boys are stupid. We watched Pocahontas in history which was fun especially since I was sitting in front of Justin and Drew. That made it even funnier. But nothing really good has been happening. Just life...

Love ya,

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