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Bored... - ~*MY BORING LIFE*~
August 27th, 2005
04:15 pm


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Well I haven't really done anything extremely interesting since I last updated. I'm going to the football game in a couple of hours. Logan will be there! So will lots of other people. But Josh will be playing football. I think Epperson is gonna be there and he's nice but he's kinda freaky. Like he needs a dadgum haircut majorly. He calls me Tabby too. And I think Drew is gonna be there. He's nice. And Justin will be playing football too. But there will be a lot of people there. We play Skyline. They are from the middle of nowhere. Josh asked me if I was going to the game and I was like yeah. I mean even if he was asking everyone in the whole van, he still asked me. He knows I think he's hot because Mary told him. And the thing is he knows he's hot but heck at least he's smart. But anyways I'm just rambling on about absolutely nothing at all.

Love ya,

Current Mood: crazycrazy
Current Music: josh's birthday song in my head

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