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my week so far... - ~*MY BORING LIFE*~
October 5th, 2005
05:41 pm


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my week so far...
So far this week has been just another week. Well except for Mr. Wilkerson's new policy in choir that makes us feel like we're in freaking prison. And today I was he;ping Bradley w/ his geometry homework. Then when I went to geometry in 2nd block, I realized I had all of the problems that I helped him with wrong. So I told him during lunch since he doesn't have geometry until 4th block. And i felt bad because he told me I was a genius. And I think another freshman guy might like me. His name is Taylor. He isn't cute and I have almost every class w/ his brother (his brother is my age). I still like the same person but I still don't ever talk to him. But I'm so going to tomorrow. I'll say Hey Logan! And he'll be like hey. Then that'll be the conversation. He doesn't really talk to girls very much.

Love ya,

Current Mood: chipperchipper

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